Trekking Essentials

Trekking Essentials

Good to know, you are ready to get your backpack.

Backpacking has always been fun, I do always remain puzzled regardless of how experienced I am.

What do I pack? How much is too much?

I keep irritating my mother till the last minute to ensure if I have enough supplies for my trip. So, you are not alone, it’s very natural to forget small things while packing for your trip.

Trekking involves miles of walking on rough terrains and if you are not packed well enough for it, you are in for a rough time. Looking at the need of the hour, I have prepared an in depth list of all the essentials and trekking gear you would require for your trip.

So, without wasting a minute more, let’s list down 10 trekking essentials you need to be carrying:

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Rucksack / Backpack (with Rain Cover):

Rucksack is the most essential item on the list. Rucksack will basically carry your whole trip inside it. So, choose a bag which is durable, has breathable & adjustable shoulder straps and a waist strap for load stability.

For a 3+ Day trip, I strongly recommend a bag with a minimum capacity of 55 liters. The longer the hike, the more likely you are to encounter unpredictable weather, you will get more tired, thus will require more changes. A bigger bag with extra space for all your equipment will give you peace of mind.

Created by potrace 1.16, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2019

Camp and Sleeping Bag:

Carry your hotel room with you.

If you’re planning to invest in a tent, ensure that it is rain and snow proof, has a mosquito net, aluminium poles, double stitching and roof vent with zippers.

Also invest in a good sleeping bag. Ensure it has an insulated covering with a light weight quilt, that can be zipped.  Do look at the temperature rating, filling, zippers and inner quilt layer. 

Plastic Sheet and Yoga Mat:

Not mandatory to have a tarp under your tent but it is highly recommended, as it can prevent holes and tears from appearing at the bottom of the tent, also prevents moisture from the ground to soak into the tent.


Yoga mat or sleeping pads is one of the most important trekking essential. It provides you with adequate padding and insulation while you’re sleeping, so to keep your body temperature stable.


Knife and Torch:

The Swiss Army Knife is always the popular choice among the Hikers and is among the most important trekking essentials; it is compact and can be easily carried. Also, when you’re hiking, do keep a hand/head torch for nights. Keep extra batteries for emergencies.

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Trekking shoes

These will be your best friends during the trek. A solid pair of comfortable water-proof shoes will protect your feet and ankles from the rocks and debris. While you’re buying the shoes, ensure that they have a good grip and are light enough to move easily. Also carry a pair of flip flops in case you have to cross a stream or a river.

Nylon Ropes

Nylon elastic ropes are strong and easy to carry. A rope can be tasked to do multiple things and can put in a shift as a makeshift ladder, grip, pulley, and also to stop serious bleeding in case of emergency.

Poncho / Raincoat

It’s best to be prepared for the rains when you’re trekking in the Himalayan terrains. Your raincoat should be ultrathin, light weight and easy to fold. Keep it handy.


Carry your survival kit along.

  • Carry a dual supply of your regular prescribed medicines.
  • Crosin, ORS, Diamox, Combiflame
  • Band aids, Crape bandage, Cotton,
  • Gel / Spray, Anti-fungal cream, wet tissues
Created by potrace 1.16, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2019


An important trekking essential to protect your eyes against the damaging UV rays. Quite useful for those who wear lenses, it protects you from the rains as well.

Other trekking essentials:

-Powerbank (with flash light)

-Reusable Water Bottle (Stay hydrated)

-Extra Clothes (prefer non-cotton)

-Gaiters, Gloves, Cap/Headband, Socks, Handkerchief

-Towel, Hand towel

-Polythene Bags

-Dry Fruits

-Diary and a Pen (Great gift for hikers!)

-Sunblock Cream

-Speakers (Leisure!!!)

Ready, Set, Go…

All the best!

Respect the beautiful nature and come back with beautiful memories.

Don’t forget to share.

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Stay Safe, Stay Stoked!


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