I am an anxious trekker who is slowly and steadily exploring the domestic map. I have switched and left jobs to make out time to travel. I am the founder of homlessbackpacker.com.

I am an average guy who works to earn and travels to learn. I belong to Delhi and have 2 years of diversified corporate experience. Back in 2013 when I was pursuing my graduation and was a couch potato, few of my good friends forced my finance minister and home minister to send me on a trip with them to Tosh.

That was the First Blood!

Multiple adventures later, my parents are now regretting their decision and my fellow friends have their own established businesses earning stardusts.
My adventures became more and more adventurous and that motivated me.

Some questions kept nudging me

  • How do I find the money to travel?
  • How do others travel so much?
  • Where and how do I plan my trip?
  • How do I save money for accommodation and travelling?
  • What and how will I eat?
  • How do I maximize my time?

I want to travel more but still trying to figure out answers to my questions.
I started this website to reach out to my fellow backpackers, share my expeditions, stories and adventures.
Trekking has always been a beautiful learning for me. I wish to grow with it.
My content is based on first hand travel experiences. I am certain that my experiences will definitely help you in some or other way.  I am open to learn and your suggestions will always be warmly welcomed.

So sit tight, dive in and read.